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22 March 2010 @ 12:49 am
rwheihwe given my recent activity failure - given my overall activity failure, think it's... maybe time to leave the spot to someone who can actually, yenno, DO SOMETHING with the character.

You've all been really welcoming and cute and sexy, so please keep at that, have fun, and don't hesitate to poke me if you need anything (except a really cheap lay, that's Ash :'( )
09 February 2010 @ 09:03 am
New shiny Anko for y'all to play with. New shiny Professor Mitarashi, that is. Come say hello?

Also, hit me up for backstorymadness. Because who wouldn't want to have taken a class with this lovely lady. Who.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not new and exciting. D:
09 January 2010 @ 03:01 pm

Uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm MIA'ing around for a couple of days. Please keep sexy, and no naughtiness off tape :(

I leave you with a thing of beauty fu fu fu.Collapse )

06 January 2010 @ 12:11 am
Hey guys! I'm back!

My computers all fixed up and I'm not sick. I'll try to get my ass in gear, but prewarning: I have like NO IDEA if I'll be having surgery in the next few weeks. Once my insurance company stops jerking me around, I probably will; expect me to have a little down time again soonish.

[edit] and. uh. make sure you have all your journals friended 8] unlike a certain someone (coughjencough)
31 December 2009 @ 03:58 pm
Quick BRB! Will be out from New Year's (today), till ...ffff, I suspect the 3rd of January. I can't know right now for sure, but chances are I'll find Internet somewhere, in which case this message will self-destruct. If not, then...see you guys next year.

Sakura'll be on autopilot, standard plz to be backdating with me apply. (Ino kidnap her to Bangkok! 8D)

26 December 2009 @ 04:26 pm
Hiatus for all my 3 guys until further notice. :( Probably shouldnt be anything longer than a week, but I gotta order a new power cord for my laptop. Mines bust and i have about an hour left of charge on this thing.

/copypastas my comment on the hiatus post
23 December 2009 @ 11:11 pm
Okay, if anything goes right with my life, it should be the last day I do this in a while.

Another hiatus.

Am sick very sick + leaving for the holidays with my family. So, if there's any general log, I'll join it, and if there are any entries to tag, I'll tag them. SAKURA WILL DEFINITELY BE THERE, ASH, SO NO DRAMATIZING. She might even crash some party or other.

Or just sit and watch La Dolce Vita with Japanese subtitles.
18 December 2009 @ 06:45 pm
Hey guys, listen up.

So, Wednesday I took a plane back to Spain to see my family over the holidays, and I didn't leave any note of hiatus because, basically, I was supposed to be back online by Thursday night. However, a lot of shitty shitty stuff happened--basically, my dad had a car accident on his way to waiting for me at the airport in Madrid (HE'S OKAY, THANK GOD), which means that I'm still not in San Sebastian at my parents' house yet. I'm at some family and friends somewhere where Internet is a problem, so, even though I didn't want to do it, semi-hiatus.

Semi-hiatus until, hopefully, this weekend:
Sakura, will be on autopilot, and I leave the goddmodding rights to everyone. Hopefully I'll be back on time for this weekend. Sorry once again for doing this. I actually wanted to have less hiatus notes to have to leave this holiday, but--shit happens.

Stay safe, everyone
13 December 2009 @ 09:27 pm
We're slowly moving along in getting everything settled here on Eljay. So far everything is perfect! Or close to it. In order to get closer to that anal need for perfection we're going to need just a bit more help from you lovely members.

In regards to lists.

We need all of the information we asked for in this post by Wednesday, Dec. 16. We understand that people have hectic lives and things come up. But we think we've given enough time to get this done and out of the way. If there is no way for you to do this or simply do not want to? Tell us. We will understand and move on. One less thing on our handy dandy to-do list.

Again, you have until Wednesday. We will only count you as 'in' once you have done everything on the list. So please take note of that. We don't want to have to take someone off the taken characters list if they are going to be staying with us!

Thank you,
11 December 2009 @ 02:37 am

In order to do this in the best fashion possible we decided long ago how we would handle this specific event. We understand that not everyone has a character that is in the performing arts/has acting experience such as Naruto or Ino. We've devised a way around that so don't worry. ♥

So for those of you that want to be in said play don't worry! Just tell us here and we'll put you in our magic sorting hat. Yes, the parts will be given out either by request OR you stick with our awesome random system. Either way we'll be taking those here. Inform us here whether or not you want to be in the play as well as what character you want. OR you leave your fate to us.

We promise to be gentle. Only because it's the holiday season. Feel lucky.

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